I need an Egg Donor to conceive. How can I make peace with that?

We know that some couples have no difficulty in making this decision. But, for many, it is an unconventional and difficult choice. IVF is, as you know, costly, takes time and asks huge emotional questions of you as a couple, so to extend it into an area where your baby contains only the male half of your genetic material, is a huge decision and you will want to be absolutely sure that you have tried enough with your own eggs.

I’m thinking of using an Egg Donor

We know that you have come a long way on your journey. We also know that you have probably thought your way through all the options and emotions around this form of in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), but as these issues are very often not discussed in a structured fashion, we think that the questions below will help you in your final decision.

I’ve heard about Epigentics. What is this and how does it affect me?

It’s a huge topic, but – in part – a very interesting and relevant concept: genes must be ‘expressed’ in a particular environment in order to have an effect; weak, moderate or strong. And the particular environment that you bring to pregnancy and family life beyond (your womb, your body and your family) defines how your baby’s genes are expressed.

How do I choose an Egg Donor?

You choose the one that’s right for you.

At ababySA, we concentrate on supplying properly-qualified Egg Donors, who are both committed to your process and likely to supply the best-quality eggs. Because, by law, the Egg Donor has to remain anonymous; there are no adult or identifying pictures, but there is plenty of detail that will give you a good idea of your Egg Donor’s genetic characteristics.