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An incredible journey.

Thank heavens for rational regulation. The BBC reports that:

Unmarried women in China are not allowed to freeze their eggs, so some with the means to do so seek treatment overseas.

The US is one of the most popular destinations, but the procedure can cost about $20,000 (£16,000).

The BBC followed the journey of Manman, 31, from Beijing to Los Angeles, where she has banked more than 30 of her eggs. does Egg Donation

Fresh or frozen?

We are often asked about how effective Fresh eggs are when compared with Frozen. Either way, it is special medicine. This is a worthwhile article…


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Article 8 in Media

Often, after repeated in-vitro fertilization procedures and repeated pregnancy loss, a couple will choose to use the male sperm to fertilise a donated egg. In this way their child carries half of their genetic material and the woman gets to experience being pregnant and everything that goes with it! An ababySA Egg Donor provides her eggs to help these couples realise their dreams of a family.


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