I’ve heard about Epigentics. What is this and how does it affect me?

It’s a huge topic, but – in part – a very interesting and relevant concept: genes must be ‘expressed’ in a particular environment in order to have an effect; weak, moderate or strong. And the particular environment that you bring to pregnancy and family life beyond (your womb, your body and your family) defines how your baby’s genes are expressed.

This suggests that, in an Egg Donor Egg pregnancy, you (the birth mother) influence your baby, your child at a genetic level.  And in October 2015, researchers discovered the incredible fact that infertile mothers DO pass on some of their DNA to children born of a Donor Egg! The study, published in the medical journal Development, was carried out by fertility specialist Dr Felipe Vilella and Dr Carlos Simon. Just incredible !

Have a look here for more on Epigentics

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