How do I choose an Egg Donor?

You choose the one that’s right for you.

At ababySA, we concentrate on supplying properly-qualified Egg Donors, who are both committed to your process and likely to supply the best-quality eggs. Because, by law, the Egg Donor has to remain anonymous; there are no adult or identifying pictures, but there is plenty of detail that will give you a good idea of your Egg Donor’s genetic characteristics.

We know that you may want an Egg Donor who looks similar to you. Or not. So, hair- and eye-colour may be important. Or not. Your shared interests may be important. Or not. It’s your unique decision.

Parents fancy intelligence and good health (who doesn’t?), so family genetics may play a role. We ask our Egg Donors about this. And a normal, healthy body mass index is good, because it makes hormone therapy more predictable. We ask our Egg Donors to tell us about themselves in a way that you can get a feel for their personalities, too.

The unique bits that make up your Egg Donor, are the unique bits that will resonate with you as a Recipient.

We are careful to have as much relevant information available on our anonymous database as possible. We also stress that our Egg Donors must commit one hundred percent to give their time and to stay healthy during the process of helping another human being to become a parent.

We want you to be able to make an informed decision. Register and have a look – your perfect Egg Donor may be right here!

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