• What plays a more important role, nature or nurture?

    We wish we could confidently answer this question. There’s a good summary of the debate here, but – in short – we wonder if your child’s innate (genetic) blueprint (nature), or her environmental experiences (nurture) will play a stronger role in defining the person she or he will ultimately grow to be. Our Egg Donor profiles are detailed precisely because we think that you should have enough information to choose natural features that match yours, but – as we’ve said – there’s no doubt that the family environment is critical to your child’s development. This is your baby. You are the mother.

  • How old are your Egg Donors?

    The ideal age for egg donation is the age at which your Egg Donor’s eggs are most viable, and egg quality is directly affected by the age of your Egg Donor. Statistically, this means women in their mid-20s, although slightly older and slightly younger women are excellent candidates, too. ababySA accepts Egg Donors from 20 to 34 years old.

  • Is Egg Freezing a good idea?

    It’s common practice to freeze some extra eggs recovered from an Egg Donor (assuming that they meet set medical standards), for your future use if necessary. Although use extensively, it’s still early days and successful pregnancy rates are still much lower than when you use donated eggs immediately as they are recovered.

    ICSI is usually used to fertilize frozen eggs after thawing.

  • Are Frozen Egg Transfers (FET) often successful?

    Frozen eggs, thawed later, may lose up to 50% of their fresh potential. You can imagine how difficult it is to perfectly preserve anything in this way! So, fresh is always better than frozen (although recent studies suggest that new techniques may improve this record significantly).

    Anyway, the Fertility Clinics do have very strict criteria for choosing eggs that may be frozen – and they will only implant embryos that have been grown successfully in the laboratory for two days. Even then, the likelihood of a successful pregnancy is still lower than that of a fresh cycle.

  • How do the specialists decide what is a good quality egg?

    Retrieved eggs are surrounded by cumulous cells, that mask the true nature of the egg until they are removed by the sperm, about 19 hours after insemination. Then, the embryos have to develop due to a specific timeline (four-cell stage on day 2 and an eight-cell stage on day 3). When this process has taken place, your specialist is able to comment with some confidence on whether the particular embryo is a “good” one.

    Interestingly, embryos that develop faster, or slower than this timeline, are generally, but not always, of lesser quality.

  • Why should I choose ababySA.com?

    We care about one thing only – professional services to the special groups with whom we work: Egg Donors, Recipients and Clinics. We have plenty of experience in managing the process of Egg Donation and – at the end of the day – it’s all about a successful pregnancy. It’s about you, not us.

    We want, manage and support committed, high-quality Donors; we provide these special people to you, our Recipients with empathy and an understanding of your special circumstances and we support busy Fertility Clinics with properly-screened, responsible and committed people.


  • Will I have to wait for an Egg Donor?

    Our Egg Donors may decide to donate again. In South Africa, the medics suggest a maximum of six donations, or five pregnancies, whichever comes first. Clinics may differ slightly in this, but will be able to justify their policy to you.

    Once an Egg Donor is matched, or chosen, we remove her profile from our website. After at least one normal cycle and period, she may choose to donate again – so they have at least three months break between donations, and the decision to continue is theirs and theirs alone. As long as you are reasonably clear about what you are looking for, we should have a good few choices for you.

  • Can we trust the information on my Egg Donors’ profile?

    We obviously rely on the Egg Donor to be honest. We do communicate with her and will verify selected information, but – believe us – there’s no real financial gain in donating, so no motive to lie on her profile. She’s going to jab herself with needles, risk mood swings and bloating and be involved in an anonymous medical procedure that takes time out of her normal lifestyle.

    It’s in all our interests to make sure that you choose the right Egg Donor in every sense of the word. There are enough checks and balances in the system to pick up problem Egg Donors well in advance of them qualifying to join our database! 

  • So, you have a lot of background on your Egg Donors?

    Apart from basic information such as age, weight and location, our Egg Donors also tell us about their personality and motivation for donating, their education, their medical and family medical history (up to two generations) and we disclose childhood and baby photos to you. There’s plenty of information for you to consider!

  • What is a Proven Egg Donor? Should I choose one?

    If an Egg Donor has donated successfully before, or been pregnant before, she is “proven”. But all our Egg Donors have medical scans and examinations to confirm they have ovaries and eggs and to track how their eggs mature with hormone treatment. So there is only a slight doubt removed when you choose a Proven Egg Donor.

    Concentrate on choosing the right Egg Donor for you.

  • I don’t know much about South Africa. Where do I start? Can you help?

    This is a great place. It’s modern and African, with world-class infrastructure and top-skilled medical professionals. It’s a diverse country of enormous possibility, in convenient time zones and with outstanding scenery. Start here

  • Will the procedure work?

    60-70% of the time it does work, first time. As in, “you are finally pregnant!” 

    It’s a real prospect if you have been struggling with infertility. If not, as the Clinics usually recover more eggs than you actually need for your IVF, you could try a Frozen Egg Transfer (FET), or you could try the routine again. After three cycles using donated eggs, the success rates reach into the 90%s.

    Obviously there are many factors involved in bringing your successful pregnancy to term. Your specialists are qualified to discuss this with you in detail and we encourage you to ask for as much information as you can.

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5 things we’d like our Recipents to Know

As a Recipient, you will want to know that you have a strong support system that deals with the logistics of managing Egg Donors in partnership with you and your Clinic, so that you can concentrate on the shared goal of a successful pregnancy. So, we’ve prepared 5 key points that we believe are important for you to consider, before you decide to join ababySA. 

Once you’ve satisfied yourself with the process, what we offer and that you’d like to work with us, please register. An online, secure form will magically appear and you can tell us some basic information about yourself. Then, you will receive a system mail (please remember to check your spambox, or with us if it doesn’t appear in your inbox within minutes). You can then use your unique credentials to browse our database and find your Egg Donor partner. It’s a gift of giving, of sheer generosity of spirit, and our amazing young women Donors are pleased to gift the miracle of life.



We know that this is a consuming and testing time for you, but our promise holds the weight of your wish of love and of hope. You’re not alone! Statistics suggest that nearly one-third of women over 37 on an IVF program, will need to use an Egg Donor to fall pregnant. We love our work, because every day we help to meet this need and support you into parenthood. How rewarding is that?



We care about one thing only – professional services to the special groups with whom we work: Egg Donors, Recipients and Clinics. We have plenty of experience in managing the process of Egg Donation and – at the end of the day – it’s all about a successful pregnancy. It’s about you, not us.

We manage and support responsible and committed Egg Donors from all ethnic backgrounds; we provide these special people to you – our Recipients – with empathy and an understanding of your special circumstances. We work with professional, busy Fertility Clinics who are at the top of their field.



Our rates are good and our service better. We promise you can choose your Egg Donor knowing that ababySA will coordinate all the logistics forward: full liaison and co-ordination between your Egg Donor and Fertility Clinic, and between you and your IVF co-ordinator, in a supportive, professional and goal-driven manner.

We take care to make sure that our Egg Donors have been properly screened, representing the most committed and understanding partners in your journey to become parents. Now you’ve registered, have a look at our anonymous and secure database.



Our beautiful country gives us at ababySA an unbeatable, cost-effective and memorable place to complete your journey into parenthood. The first IVF baby was born here in 1978 and the first baby born using an Egg Donor was in 1986. IVF with Egg Donation is now routine and well-established and South Africa has become a popular destination: it’s a beautiful place with well-regarded medical resource, relative low-cost and high professionalism – all in an endlessly fascinating country.

We work in four major geographic centres with first-world infrastructure and world-class standards, to speed up the process for you, at a reasonable price and in a supportive, problem-free manner. We offer great travel and accommodation packages with 24-hour support and our Fertility Clinics are first-rate, offering effective reproductive medicine in an empathetic manner to meet and exceed your expectations.



You’ll never forget us and we’ll never forget you!


For us, it’s all about results. Dandelions thrive under the most adverse conditions, releasing dozens of seeds representing fertility and abundance. A dandelion has the ability to hold the weight of a wish of love and of hope.

More Questions

  • Sarah

    “Thank you for the amazing gift that you guys gave us. We’ll treasure this like we already do the first one. Again, every moment with our son is an absolute joy; I can’t even start to imagine how lonely and achingly empty our lives would have been without him. What you are doing is so valuable – you give hope and joy and meaning to couples like us. Thank you.”

  • Kiara

    “Thank you for letting me know how my donor is and that she is coping so well. She is very brave. Thank you for being there.”

  • Nina

    “I can’t tell you how much we have appreciated your quick responses and thoughtfulness and patience! I hope that this will be a wonderful result for us all.”

  • Olivia

    “Thank you again for taking the time to explain the process to me and for allowing us the time we need to make our decision.”

  • Sharna

    “Thank you so much for your assistance and help this far.  Best of luck for your year and may your company be blessed for the work you are doing.”

  • Nashawna

    “I am sure that you are aware that this is a very difficult emotional process, but you have been an amazing support to me, and I will always be very thankful for your assistance and guidance through this time.”

  • Bayo

    “My husband and I are both very excited to have our Donor, and we are looking forward to working with you.”

  • Ayanda

    “Thank you so much for your help, we really appreciate it!”

  • Leanne

    “We want our donor to know how much we appreciate her gift of love and will always pray that the divine spirit of God ensures her path is clear to realize all her dreams in every aspect of her own life. Our experience was so positive that we will be coordinating referrals of U.S couples in similar situation to use your agency when their treatment calls for donor assist.”

  • Linda

    “Of course, no one deserves a greater appreciation than our donor, who gave the ultimate gift of love that any human being can bestow upon another and thereby helping us realize our dream of having a family of our own; for that, we can never find enough words to express our thanks.”

  • Debra

    “Thank you SO much!! We are very excited. Thank you guys for everything you were fabulous to deal with at every stage of the process. We will keep you updated with our news.”