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Often, after repeated in-vitro fertilization procedures and repeated pregnancy loss, a couple will choose to use the male sperm to fertilise a donated egg. In this way their child carries half of their genetic material and the woman gets to experience being pregnant and everything that goes with it! An ababySA Egg Donor provides her eggs to help these couples realise their dreams of a family.

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At ababySA, we know that the combination of professional fertility medicine and caring partnership with you, may result in a smooth and successful route to pregnancy. Pleasant surprises could be just out of sight!

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Recipients need Egg Donors. Please consider spreading the word: here is an A4 flyer with QR links – spread the word! Women of all ethnicities are invited to join our Egg Donor Programme…

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For suitable candidates, IVF with Egg Donation offers a possible way to fall pregnant and to reach your dream of a family. There may be another way…

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We manage and support responsible and committed Egg Donors from all ethnic backgrounds; we provide these special people to you – our Recipients – with empathy and an understanding of your special circumstances. We work with professional, busy Fertility Clinics who are at the top of their field. Your first step, then, is to register as a Recipient, and find and book one of our amazing Donors… then, you can have a look at “what’s next“.

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Since 2011, we have offered a professional Egg Donation Programme for Recipient couples from all over the world. That translates to nearly 500 cycles, with a success rate in the high 60%s. Wishes can come true…

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We pride ourselves on the efficient way in which we administer cycles, removing any stress from Donor management. We are attuned to the pulse of what suits YOU. Indeed, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat.

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ababySA is a leading Egg Donor Programme from South Africa, working countrywide and with approved, results-driven Clinics, in all the major Centres. We subscribe to the ethical guidelines set out by SASREG ( It’s worthwhile finding your way to us…