We work with the best infertility specialists in South Africa, all around the country. South African doctors are world-class and offer professional and result-driven medicine. ababySA offers a real option if you are suitable for IVF with Egg Donation


What is an Egg Donor? How can I help? Could this be the greatest thing I ever do? These are all questions that resonate, and we’ve prepared all the information you may need to decide to apply for our programme.


There is a lot of information, but when you have it at your fingertips, Egg Donation becomes both understandable and exciting. So, what about compensation? What happens during a cycle? Risks? How do I join? Here’s all the information you may need in one place.

  • Zeta

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  • Fundiswa

    “I hope that you are able to find someone to give you the gift you are looking for. I would be so happy and grateful to help you achieve this.”

  • Chandi

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  • Sumiko

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  • Precious

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    “You have been too awesome! Thank you for your support, I would do this again, no questions asked. Your ethics and kindness will take you far.”

  • Samantha

    “Thank you so much, you are an amazing woman and it’s a pleasure working with u. I am also happy I was able to donate such a wonderful gift.”

  • Buhle

    “Thank you so much for everything, I appreciate working with you and everyone you introduced me to. I just hope and wish my recipients are successful.”

  • Roxanne

    “I have only received excellent service from ababySA.”