• Does it take a lot of time to donate?

    Not too bad, but it does take some commitment from you.

    After you’re chosen, there will be an appointment with the doctors at your clinic (about an  hour). Also, an hour, once-off, with a psychologist. And during the actual procedure, you’ll have to visit the clinic three to four times (over a two-week period) for ultrasounds, checkups and to coordinate your cycle with the recipient mother.

    You’ll also have to take a day off for egg retrieval, which happens during the normal work week. We can arrange a sick note, if you need it.

  • Are we talking surgery here?

    No, no cutting at all. You will be under procedural (conscious) sedation, a medical term for very light anaesthestics or sedatives to minimise pain and discomfort. You’re usually able to speak and respond to the doctors and nurses while they retrieve your eggs vaginally, using a suction needle.

    You will, however, be in specialist medical hands, treated by doctors who specialise in fertility medicine.

  • I’m Worried This May Not Be Legal. Is Egg Donation Legal In South Africa?

    Yes, the National Health Act of 2003 (regulations about artificial fertilisation and related matters) confirms it’s all completely above board. It is true that there are some places in the world where you may not donate eggs; that’s why  a large number of international Recipients who visit South Africa to use our service.

  • My Kids Will Be Out There. Won’t That Be Strange For Me?

    Unfertilised eggs are discarded by your body with your normal menstrual cycle. And to make a child, you also need an entire swagbag of goodies: sperm; a healthy womb, a mother. There aren’t going to be any of your children running around any where, but there may be children that carry some of your genetic material, loved by parents who have moved mountains to welcome them into their lives!

    An egg donor, surrogate or birth mother is special person who helped to create that child, but they are not that child’s mother.

  • I’m Thinking Of Becoming An Egg Donor. Do I Qualify?

    If you’re female (please check!) aged 20 to 34, healthy and from a healthy family, you could be a very special person: you could donate a few of your eggs to people (Recipients) who need them to start their own family.

    We welcome Egg Donors of any ethnic background. The usual disclaimers apply: addicts or heavy smokers are a no-no.

  • So what risks are there?

    There are two things you should be aware of: the main risk is a condition called Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS), which happens in 1% of In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) cases. And secondly, on retrieval, there is a tiny chance of infection, or reaction to the anaesthetic, as with any medical procedure. 

    We work with professional Fertility Clinics, where you will have the best possible specialised medical treatment. You are in good hands.

  • Who Sees My Information? I Don’t Want The World Knowing My Business

    Our secure database is password-protected. You will join our list of Egg Donors, where registered ababySA Recipients (those looking for eggs to start a family) can view your profile. They will not know who you are, but will see a bit about you, physically, as well as relevant details of your medical and family history.

  • Don’t I need ALL my eggs so I can fall pregnant?

    You’re born with about two million eggs. By puberty, only 300,000 immature eggs are left: every month, a group of eggs grow and develop so your body ovulates once each cycle. One egg! The remaining eggs from this group don’t develop fully and are flushed in the menstrual cycle.

    As we age, so the efficiency of ovulation and quality of your egg may reduce; that’s one of the reasons why we have an age limit for Egg Donors.

  • Who pays my medical bills?

    Your Recipients pay all medical costs. This is a very big deal for them, emotionally AND financially, and they want you to have the best possible treatment and care.

  • And long-term? Any chance of me damaging my ability to have children?

    Egg donation doesn’t cause infertility. Fertility medication has no proven long-term effects at all.

    You may choose to donate several times and then go on to have children of your own. Or you may have kids first and then donate your eggs.

  • Will I get paid?

    The South African Medical Ethics committee have recommended R7,000 to the Egg Donor per donation cycle (depending on which Clinic runs the program) as an inconvenience allowance for the time and energy you expend in gifting your eggs, to help parents with their dream of having children. The compensation is paid in cash, by the clinic, on the day of the egg retrieval, after the procedure.

    Eggs are not sold, they are gifted and no price can be put on that gift.

    Your recipient parents will never forget you.

  • So fertility medicine does exactly what?

    It helps your body to rescue many of the immature eggs (usually around ten) that would otherwise have been lost, so medical professionals can retrieve them for use in an egg donation programme like ababySA. It doesn’t affect any of your eggs that your body will use for future cycles. The fertility medication has no proven long-term bad effects.

Become A Donor

Our Donors say…


“My goal in life is to make people happy – this is just another way of doing that.”


“I love helping those in need, whether it be an animal shelter or a foster home. I want to help make this dream for a couple turn real. I love kids and plan to have my own one day, but not right now. I have always kept an open mind and do believe in second chances.”


“I thrive on helping other people and would love to help you realise the dream of having your own family.”


“I don’t have the desire to have any children of my own so my contribution to the human race would be donating my eggs.”


“I believe that we all serve a purpose in life, and in this life I want to know I have given life and hope to someone in great need of it. It’s a selfless act on my side.”


“If I think back since the day my daughter was born, all bad things in life fade away. She is my life. That small whisper in my ear at bedtime….”I love you Mommy” is all worth it. Every Mommy deserves that sweetness.”


“I wish to help you, I can only imagine not being able to have children, its every woman’s and some men’s dream and it’s unfortunate that in some people its slightly harder then others. Hope that you will allow me to help you.”


“God is with you and will bless you if you have faith in Him. I am here to make a change in your life and I hope you are willing to accept the gift I have for you.”


I have recently finished my 2nd Donation cycle with ababySA. Although very overwhelming at times, it was a great experience and now feels like a huge personal achievement, to take such a step and be part of a wonderful creation. I’d be grateful to donate again when I am selected. Gillian and Lara were there for me the whole way, I always knew what was to be expected, from the day I enrolled, up to my egg retrieval date. I’d love to donate through ababySA again!


“I thrive on helping other people and would love to help you realise the dream of having your own family.”


“I am 27 years old and I don’t feel that I will ever want to have children, however I know that many people who want to have children cant do so because of medical reasons. I think it would be a great thing to help someone have a child who they can love.”


“Thank you so much for everything, I appreciate working with you and everyone you introduced me to. I just hope and wish my recipients are successful.”


“It’s been such a privilege to be able to donate for my recipient and work with all at ababySA and Vitalab.”


“I would love to help someone and give the gift of life. I think it’s one of the most tragic things in life, when loving people can’t conceive and would love to give a child a happy home.”


“I hope that this gift will change your life in the most delightful way! The birth of a child is a true miracle and I am extremely happy that I could be a part of it in some way. Never lose hope and love as much as you can.”


“I have just been selected (for my 2nd donation) through ababySA. I feel extremely honoured to be part of this journey again. Yes, my reason to be a donor is to be part of helping a fellow MOTHER TO BE, a chance to embrace the phenomenal presence of being a Mother. That feeling of having a life grow within oneself. The support received from ababySA and working with everyone including the Clinic team, made my experience an enjoyable one. I am glad to be part of this magnificent opportunity once more.”


“Not everybody understands your urge for a child. I do. That’s why I am volunteering to help you to have that joy in your life. Life is a gift from God. Embrace it, cherish it, live it!”


“I want to help woman reach their dream of bearing children and experiencing the joy of motherhood.”


“I would like to help bring the happiness that a child brings to a home, I know what it feels like to want something so bad but you can’t reach it.”


“I hope that you are able to find someone to give you the gift you are looking for. I would be so happy and grateful to help you achieve this.”


“I would just like to thank you and ababySA for being extremely supportive and professional during the egg retrieval process. I am very impressed with the amount of support that you offer and the fact that you are always friendly and willing to help or give advise. I also appreciated the fact that you always checked up on me after an appointment at the Doctor, especially seen as this was my first time at a gynae.”


“I would like to say a BIG Thank You to you and the ababySA team for not only being supportive but for also granting this amazing opportunity to make a big difference in somebody’s life. It was truly an amazing experience and has made me more aware of the fact that there can never be enough ways to help everyone out, but everyone can make positive impact. Thank you once again,and may you all stay blessed.”


“Thank you for being so wonderful during my egg donation cycle. I loved every minute of being part of this special process. Thank you for making the journey so meaningful and for being there for me every step of the way. I will definitely do it again!”


“I know too many women who can’t have babies themselves and I see what it does to them. To be able to give someone the miracle to be a mom, that is why I want to do this. I believe God works in many different ways, and if I can contribute to the, I am happy.”


“Thank you so much, you are an amazing woman and it’s a pleasure working with u. I am also happy I was able to donate such a wonderful gift.”


“I’m one person who finds it calming and very helpful to be helping someone who needs help and I’m able to provide if I can.”


“The experience of Egg Donation has been such an inspiring journey for me.  I would love to do it again!  Thank you for your help and continuous support, before, during and now at the end of my program.  Without your team, this would never have been as easy and I appreciate it a lot.  Thank you for giving me this opportunity and being there every step of my journey.  May God bless you in abundance.”


“I would like to say a BIG Thank You to you and the ababySA team for not only being supportive but for also granting this amazing opportunity to make a big difference in somebody’s life. It was truly an amazing experience and has made me more aware of the fact that there can never be enough ways to help everyone out, but everyone can make positive impact. Thank you once again,and may you all stay blessed.”


“I have only received excellent service from ababySA.”


“It was a pleasure to have donated with you guys, of all three times I’ve donated, ababySA have given me the best support and interest system. I appreciate all your support and invested time and effort.”