We’re delighted that you want to be part of the ababySA Egg Donor Program. It’s a fantastic, rewarding experience. It takes a special generosity to do this; you’re a very special woman, helping infertile couples to realise their dreams of parenthood.

You will be committed to work with us and the future parents for anywhere from six weeks to three months – not fulltime, of course, but you will have to visit the Clinic occasionally and commit to following our program of managed medication carefully, especially during the last two weeks. It’s a serious commitment, but your generosity and compassion is recognised in the best possible way: a chance for infertile people to build a family.

We know you’ll enjoy the experience. It’s very special and it may just be the greatest thing you do in your lifetime.

There’s a lot of information available here, on our website, so please read it and learn as much as you can before you make your final decision to sign on. Wikipedia has some great information, too and our Frequently Asked Questions are pretty detailed as well.

Although there is great responsibility on you to take medication and meet appointments at your Clinic at the correct time, you will receive plenty of communication and professional support from the many people dedicated to helping your Recipient achieve a successful pregnancy. We are always a phone call, sms, whatsapp,bbm or email away!

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Create a great Egg Donor Profile – it’s a special type of CV, this! Our anonymous program means that you have to give future parents quality information and relevant detail to help them choose you as their Donor. Obviously, your physical look is important. An infertile woman and her partner will often choose a donor who looks similar to her. So, hair- and eye-colour may be important. Or not. Your shared interests may be important. Or not. So, there’s no such thing as a perfect look and feel: we need women of all races, heights and appearance.

Parents fancy intelligence and good health (who doesn’t?), so family genetics usually play a role. And a normal, healthy body mass index is good, because it makes hormone therapy more predictable.

The unique bits that make up you, the donor, are the unique bits that will resonate with Recipients. It’s very important to complete the forms honestly and thoroughly. And let’s have some decent pics of you as a baby. It’s all hugely appreciated by Recipients.

Once you’ve completed our online forms, your Recipients will have access to enough of your personal (but anonymous) information to make an informed choice. But draw them into your profile with these ideas:

  • Photos are good and are usually the starting point for Recipients. Send a good variety, especially those showing you smiling and friendly! Please remember that only baby and childhood (up to about eight years old) photos will be seen by the Recipients.
  • The ababySA and Clinic staff will need a current photo (of you as an adult). This is never published online
  • Don’t send photos that hide your face. No hats, sunglasses, blurry or very serious photos, please!
  • Spellcheck and check your grammar!
  • Give detailed responses to the questions – this is how the Recipients will connect with your mojo. One word – bad. Lots of words – good.
  • Please answer every question. We won’t approve incomplete applications.
  • Try and add personality to your replies. There are several questions that are designed to give the future parents a sense of “who’s the real you.” They want to know how you feel, as well as how you look!
  • Please take special care with the medical section. If you’re not sure of your family health history, please ask your parents or others who may know.
  • Take your time (within 30 days), and don’t forget to save at the bottom of each section.

If you have any other questions, contact us on and one of our Coordinators will get back to you. We look forward to you joining us in our very special Egg Donation Program.


So, you’re ready! Now, register with us – email and password – and you’ll request access to our secure ababySA egg donor pages. You’ll get a verification email to respond to and, then, you can start to complete the first application form. If you need help, or have questions that relate to this part of the form, email us and we’ll respond quickly

Thank you for reading all the information; that’s a great start!

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We care about professional services to our special Donors. It’s about you, not us. There’s no such thing as a perfect look and feel: we need women of all races, heights and appearance.

“Dandelions thrive under the most adverse conditions”

As an Egg Donor, you will join our team of special people, all local, all carefully selected to make sure that our Recipients have the best possible chance of achieving their dream of a family. You will share in a wonderful interactive process where you are truly appreciated: we support you with psychological and legal services, education and co-ordination of the Egg Donor cycle.

When you’re one of us, you are supported. Properly.

We want you to enjoy the experience and, once chosen, you will find yourself part of a team of people dedicated to bringing joy to Recipients, who, with your help, can realise their dreams of starting a family.

The Application:

This is a very serious, emotional and expensive business for infertile parents. Above all, they need to know that you are committed to give your time and to stay healthy during the process of helping another human being to become a parent.

You’re obviously a compassionate and kind woman; Recipients will want a sense of responsibility to match. We need you to be sure that you can fully commit to the journey.

Are you suitable to become an Egg Donor?

Are you…?
– Female
– Age 20 to 33
– Have a Body Mass Index between 18 and 28
– A regular menstrual cycle
– Not on injectable contraception (please double check with us if unsure)

Register as an Egg Donor with ababySA

Start your personal journey

Complete the pre-application form

When you answer five qualifying questions that suggest you have the right stuff, you’ll get a verification mail from us with a login so you can fill out the main unlocked application that contains all the information we need to match you with future parents.

Complete the full application

You have 30 days to complete the full application and to submit images of yourself as a toddler or baby. Save the form as you complete it and you can work through it in stages at your convenience. Our secure database is password-protected: we are a completely anonymous egg donor agency! Confidential or identifying information will not be shared with anyone, ever.

Once you’re accepted, you can login anytime to update your profile and manage your images. You will have access to an online tutorial, and you can contact us at any stage for further information. Our Egg Donor FAQs are also comprehensive so please check here for answers as well.

The Medical Procedure:

After you’re chosen, there will be an appointment with the doctors at your clinic (about an  hour). Also, an hour, once-off, with a psychologist. And during the actual procedure, you’ll have to visit the clinic three to four times (over a two-week period) for ultrasounds, checkups and to coordinate your cycle with the recipient mother.

This happens with a carefully-managed program of fertility medicine that coordinates your menstrual cycle with that of your Recipient, given over that 14-day period. The Egg Retrieval will happen under procedural (conscious) sedation, a medical term for very light anaesthestics or sedatives to minimise pain and discomfort. You’re usually able to speak and respond to the doctors and nurses while they retrieve your eggs vaginally, using a suction needle.

You will be in the best possible specialist medical hands, treated by doctors who specialise in fertility medicine and who are wholly focused on your wellbeing.

There’s more detailed information here


You are not responsible for any medical costs. They are all covered by your Recipient. This is a very big deal for them, emotionally AND financially, and they want you to have the best possible treatment and care.

You will be paid an inconvenience allowance for the time and energy you expend in gifting your eggs, to help parents with their dream of having children. The South African Medical Ethics committee have recommended R7,000 per donation cycle (but this could increase, depending on your Clinic), paid by the clinic, on the day of the egg retrieval, after the procedure.

Your eggs are not sold, they are gifted and no price can be put on that gift.

Your recipient parents will never forget you.

Donation Centres:

We are associated with Fertility Clinics in all the major Centres: Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town. Usually, you will be asked to donate at a Clinic close to where you live or work, however, you may choose to donate nationally (become a ‘travelling donor’). As we’ve said, all travel, accommodation and subsistence is paid by your Recipient. Also, if you live more than 100km from a Clinic, and you can manage the time to travel for daily appointments during the last two-weeks of the Egg Donation Cycle, you will be repaid for your travel costs.

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