Why is my Egg Donor screened? And for what?

We only work with qualified Egg Donors, by which we mean that we want full commitment and the best possible chance of a successful pregnancy. Apart from the exhaustive profiling and management from ababySA, your Egg Donor takes psychological tests to make absolutely sure that she is mentally healthy, with a clear understanding of all the implications and risks involved in Egg Donation. She’s also checked for other psychological disorders that would affect her donation.

She also has a full medical examination, repeated each time she is involved in an Egg Donation Cycle, to make sure that her results are up-to-date.

She is tested for infectious diseases (including hepatitis B and C, HIV, cytomegalovirus and syphilis) and takes a pelvic ultrasound to check her ovaries.

It’s critical that she’s in the best possible shape to help you realise your dream of a family.

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