So how many eggs can I expect in a successful retrieval?

We don’t know in advance. It’s actually more important to ensure that the harvested eggs are of excellent quality, as only one or two are actually implanted!

The retrievals are carefully managed by your Fertility Clinic, who typically will hope to harvest between eight and ten eggs per donation. Extra embryos (fertilised eggs) are frozen for future use.

The number of eggs retrieved is affected by the dosages of medicine that the Egg Donor takes, so the doctors are very careful not to over-stimulate her ovaries (which can lead to a condition called Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, or OHSS) – not fun for the Egg Donor.

Your Egg Donor will be visiting the Clinic regularly during the critical period to make sure she is not at risk and to ensure that she is doing everything for a successful retrieval.

You only need one good egg to be fertilized and to grow!

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