How on earth do you get Egg Donors to give all that information? What do they go through?

We told you we are serious about accepting only the most committed people for you to consider! We know that you are investing a heap of money and emotions in this process, and we take that VERY seriously.

For us, it’s all about results.

After our Egg Donors pass through pre-screening, which looks at their legal and physical ability to donate, they complete our extensive Egg Donor Profile form. We are in personal contact with them to make sure that these attributes are complete and correct, which is further confirmed when they are chosen by you: our Fertility specialists conduct psychological and medical evaluations and blood tests as part of the process prior to the Egg Donation Cycle.

Your Egg Donor commits quite a lot of time, permits chemical intervention in her cycle, and shares your determination to get the best possible outcome. You will never meet her, but you will never forget her.

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