Become an Egg Donor

We’re delighted that you want to be part of the fantastic, rewarding ababySA experience. It takes a special generosity to do this; you’re a very special woman, helping infertile couples to realise their dreams of parenthood.

You will be committed to work with us and the future parents for anywhere from six weeks to four months.

ababySA is not a medical facility, but a service to South Africa’s best Fertility Clinics and their Recipients, infertile and same-sex couples. We work with the best Specialists in Reproductive Medicine to keep you safe while donating and to make you comfortable with the crucial role you play in this fabulous environment.

We know you’ll enjoy the experience. It’s very special and it may just be the greatest thing you do in your lifetime. Respect.


You’re female, aged 20 to 33, of any race, healthy and from a healthy family, with a regular Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18 and 29 and a regular menstrual cycle. Then, it all starts here, where we perform a short initial check to make sure that you are likely to be suited to this very special role.

An online, secure form will magically appear and you can tell us some basic information about yourself. Our cyber-imps have a look and – as long as you fit the basic requirements – we’ll then ask you to commit by filling out a detailed application that gives enough information for prospective parents to decide your eggs and genetics fit their profile!

We will look at your family’s health history, your personality type, your interests, education, employment and fertility. All these things are critical to give future parents a sense of the unique you.
We’ll also ask you to upload a few pictures of yourself as a baby or toddler.

You will choose a pseudonym or name by which you will be known on ababySA, to keep your identity private.


When your complete application is approved, we’ll contact you and confirm you’re good to go. We have an online presentation that will be opened to you, and we are available to discuss any further questions or thoughts that may arise.


With your final consent, you will officially join our Egg Donation Program: your anonymous profile goes live on our website. You could be chosen in a few minutes, or a few months!

Our secure database is password-protected. Registered ababySA Recipients (those looking for eggs to start a family) can view your profile; they will not know who you are, but will see a bit about you, physically, as well as relevant details from your questionnaire that will help them to choose you to donate.

We are a completely anonymous egg donor agency! Confidential or identifying information will not be shared with anyone, ever.

Never. Ever.


Often, after repeated in-vitro fertilization procedures and repeated pregnancy loss, a couple will choose to use the male sperm to fertilise a donated egg so that their child carries half of their genetic material.

A recipient couple can also be a male or same-sex couple.

Our Recipients are patients undergoing fertility treatment at a Fertility Clinic. They are looking for the best possible match to create their family unit and they take your gift very seriously. When they choose you, we will let you know, and make sure that you’re ready to start the donation cycle.

Generally, Recipient couples want to start the process as soon as possible. Your Recipient parents will never forget you.

Please go to the next tab above: “The Egg Donation Cycle”

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