Why ababySA

We care about one thing only – professional services to the special groups with whom we work: Donors, Recipients and Clinics. We have plenty of experience in managing the process of Egg Donation and – at the end of the day – it’s all about a successful pregnancy. It’s about you, not us.

We want, manage and support committed, high-quality Donors; we provide these special people to Recipients with empathy and an understanding of their special circumstances and we support busy Clinics with properly-screened, responsible and committed people.

Our system is the most competent and non-intrusive secure database in existence, and we have international affiliates in the pipeline.
For us, it’s all about results. Dandelions thrive under the most adverse conditions, releasing dozens of seeds representing fertility and abundance. A dandelion has the ability to hold the weight of a wish of love and of hope.

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