So what do the Recipients look for? How will they choose me?

It’s not a competition!

Obviously, your physical look is important. An infertile woman and her partner will often choose a donor who looks similar to her. So, hair- and eye-colour may be important. Or not. Your shared interests may be important. Or not. So, there’s no such thing as a perfect look and feel: we need women of all races, heights and appearance.

Parents fancy intelligence and good health (who doesn’t?), so family genetics usually play a role. And a normal, healthy body mass index is good, because it makes hormone therapy more predictable.

The unique bits that make up you, the donor, are the unique bits that will resonate with Recipients. It’s very important to complete the forms honestly and thoroughly. And let’s have some decent pics of you as a baby. It’s all hugely appreciated by Recipients.

Once you’ve completed our online forms, your Recipients will have access to enough of your personal (but anonymous) information to make an informed choice.

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