I use birth control (or I am sterilised). Can I still be an egg donor?

You can still use the Pill while you are waiting for a recipient to choose your eggs, but – once chosen and the donation process is underway – you’ll have to use non-chemical contraception. Or (oh no!) abstain for a month.

Norplant (Jadelle) or Depo-Provera (2/3 month injection) is a bit different: you must stop this form of birth control and have two consecutive periods after stopping, before you donate.

It’s a bit simpler if you have an Intrauterine Devices (IUD): if yours doesn’t release hormones (like the Copper T), you may be able to donate with the IUD still in place. The Mirena will have to be removed before you donate, but will be replaced as the retrieval happens (at no cost to you).
Sterilised women can donate, too.

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