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After browsing our short summaries, you will find profiles that interest you. These may be expanded to get more information; you’ll find a “Choose this Egg Donor” button at the top of every profile. Follow the online prompts to set the process in motion.

Your donation cycle must start within three months of your Egg Donor being chosen and committed. We will do the back office work to make sure that all the administration is complete, so you can concentrate on looking forward to falling pregnant!

Importantly, you may not be quite ready to commit to another IVF, but you may find a suitable Egg Donor now.

We don’t book donors too far in advance, as we can’t predict what may be happening in our Egg Donors’ life at any given moment (which may disrupt your planning as a Recipient) and – also – because we then remove her as a choice for other couples who may want to use her to partner them, now.

There’s much we can do, though: if you are sure that you really want her in the future, let us chat to her about donating again – immediately – for you once she completes her cycle with another Recipient couple, or let us keep her in touch as you reach your final decision.

Talk to us and we’ll work with her to schedule as suits you best (in South Africa, the medics suggest a maximum of six donations, or five pregnancies, whichever comes first. Clinics may differ slightly in this, but will be able to justify their policy to you).

Once an Egg Donor is matched, or chosen, we remove her profile from our website. After she has completed a successful donation and had at least one normal cycle and period, she may choose to donate again – so they have at least three months break between donations, and the decision to continue is theirs and theirs alone.

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