About Our Team


    Donor Support is a critical and arduous job, the main point of contact for the amazing women on our live database. Chrissy, accurate and certain, is the start of smooth and problem-free cycles. “It’s amazing how selfless and considerate people can be; it brings a smile to my face to be able to play a part in this very special business. How nice to be talking to people who both want to help and are able to give such a tremendous gift!” she says.

    The job is a good match for Chrissy’s empathetic and proactive personality. “Not only do I feel empowered by being able to do proper pre-screening, but also delighted to make a difference: there is nothing quite like seeing a baby born to a Recipient, knowing that I played a part in helping to supply the best possible candidate as an Egg Donor”.

    There’s a common purpose in this type of work; that allows her to enjoy her downtime walking in the beautiful mountains around us, playing with children and animals and cooking up a storm: a job well done is a major contribution to the success of ababySA.


    Leading ababySA in a calm and professional manner, Lara Payne loves what she does. She is compassionate, has patience and – above all – cares deeply for her business. “There are very few jobs where the effort you put in is rewarded in such an empathetic way,” she says. “When I first worked with infertile couples, I was quick to realise the weight of hope that I was serving every day. But with success comes enormous satisfaction and I wouldn’t want to do anything else!”

    A mother of 2 rambunctious boys, Lara describes herself as “focused and detailed”. She looks forward to your shared goal of a successful pregnancy.

    When asked about her company, she says: “The ababySA dandelion stands for all that is good in our worldwide egg donation program. We care about one thing only – professional services to the special groups with whom we work: Recipients, Egg Donors and Clinics. We have plenty of experience in managing the process of Egg Donation and – at the end of the day – it’s all about a successful pregnancy. It’s about you, not us.”


    Also assisting with Donor Support is Zoe; driven, proactive and with a history of exceeding targets! With extensive experience in public-facing relations and customer interaction, Zoe works to shape our database towards committed self-starters. “I enjoy hearing the reasons why these young women choose to join us, and I’m blessed to be a small part of their journey with us,” she says.

    The work matches Zoe’s bubbly and cheerful personality and we know that our young ladies both appreciate and respect her firm and friendly support. “I know that being reliable is important, and I pride myself on my ability to spot the personality characteristics that make for a superb donor,” she notes, “but the most consistent factor is altruism – these young women are incredibly giving, which contributes to my personal state of mind as well!”

    When not out socialising, Zoe enjoys nature and travel, and hopes to explore the world in due course: “While I work hard, I believe that play is as important and that you should always make time for yourself, when your job involves dealing with others. That will translate to a better and more rounded approach to your customers.” We agree, Zoe, and we thank you for your ever-positive presence.


    Behind the scenes, Sian Huyser is the perfect administrator. She’s analytical, thorough and methodical (and quite obsessed with driving deadlines!) She says: “I like doing all the back-office support; drawing all the threads together so we work with happy donors, content recipients and smiling doctors.” When pressed, she will admit that she is a qualified solicitor in the United Kingdom, but “has decided to follow her heart and give back in a way that rewards her at the end of each working day”.

    She has travelled extensively and is particularly fond of Singapore, coming out with startling Singlish or Mandarin phrases to suit the occasion from time-to-time – depending on what is on her desk! But there is an elemental draw to this beautiful country, as well. “Can you think of a more beautiful place to do something you love?” she asks. “Working at ababySA gives me a strong sense of worth and admiration for the incredible women and their partners with whom we work.”

“Dandelions thrive under the most adverse conditions”

Future parents, Recipients, you are at the right place. We understand the path you have traveled and will work with you in an empathetic and collaborative manner to produce positive results.

Whether you are using our unique, secure system (the most competent and non-intrusive secure egg donor database in existence) or actually going through the IVF cycle with one of our high-quality,properly screened donors, we respect your journey and look forward to your pregnancy.

As an Egg Donor you will join our team of special people, all local, all carefully selected to make sure that our Recipients have the best possible chance of achieving their dream of a family. You will share in a wonderful interactive process where you are truly appreciated: we support you with psychological and legal services, education and co-ordination of the Egg Donor cycle.

When you’re one of us, you are supported. Properly.

We work with the best, result-driven Clinics in South Africa. You will meet driven medical professionals who can help, specialists with experience and a shared passion to make you parents, while recognising the tremendous gift made by our Egg Donors. We supply high-quality donors and coordination services, the Clinics concentrate on reproductive medicine.

“The weight of a wish of love and of hope.”

We want, manage and support committed, high-quality Donors; we provide these special people to Recipients with empathy and an understanding of their special circumstances and we support busy Clinics with properly screened, responsible and committed people.

For us, it’s all about results. For you, it’s all about results. That’s what we call a successful match.

  • ababySA is not a medical facility. We are supported by South Africa’s best Fertility Clinics and subscribe fully to and have signed the Southern African Society of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endoscopy Regulations (SASREG) code of conduct.
  • Find our accreditation here.
  • We comply with all the legal, financial and ethical laws of the Republic of South Africa: Our Southern African Promotion to Access of Information Act of 2000 (PAIA) manuals are with the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) and may be reviewed on request. For information on any statutory affiliations, please contact us here.
  • ababySA runs an affordable program. Great service and properly-screened Donors make an unbeatable offering aimed at getting results for future parents.
  • ababySA works in confidence, with respect for the trust you have placed in us, whether Recipient, Donor or Clinic. Our anonymous service is guided by our ethics.