“I would just like to express my THANKS & GRATITUDE to you, for your gift: I really appreciated it. The whole Egg Donation procedure was not the way I imagined it to be. It was very personal and you were like family. You were there, every step of the way to give me guidance and to give me courage. When I was worried, you soothed my worry with your kind words. I would also like to say BIG THANK YOU to ababySA, for allowing me to play such a huge role in a stranger’s life and in doing so, making that person happy. I know that there is a chance that things might not be positive for my recipient but I am confident, that she will become a mother one of these days and have her own bundle of joy in her arms. Making people happy and helping people has been a passion but I have never felt so good, like I’m feeling now, knowing that it’s possible to make a person happy for life. That’s HUGE!!! I will continue and try my utmost best, to keep on donating life. Once again thank you very much!!!!!!!!!”