The South African Medical Ethics Committee recommend the rates we pay to Egg Donors per donation cycle. This is an inconvenience allowance for the time and energy you expend in gifting your eggs, to help parents with their dream of having children.

You will be paid on the day of the egg retrieval, after you have completed the program. The current rate is R7,000 (although some Clinics pay slightly more), invoiced and paid to you by your Clinic on the day of your retrieval. Recipients also cover your medical costs related to your donation process, so you will NOT pay for doctors, evaluations, blood tests or medication prescribed as part of your donation.

Eggs are not sold, they are gifted and no price can be put on that gift. Your Recipient parents are investing a lot in you, both financially and emotionally and we rely on you to be reliable and responsible and fully committed to a successful pregnancy.

Your most important obligation is to stick to all instructions you are given by your doctor, while on the program.

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