“Our son is now 5 ½ weeks old and already a strapping 5.3kg! He is the most lovely baby, very well behaved, a star drinker and sleeper and an absolute joy. He is our pride and joy and every moment with him is just a pleasure – we cannot get enough from him. Even if he is sleeping we miss him. We stand staring at him with full overflowing hearts most of the time, so amazed at the absolute wonder that your gift brought to us.”

About Us

The ababySA dandelion stands for all that is good in our worldwide egg donation program.

We care about one thing only – professional services to the special groups with whom we work: Recipients, Egg Donors and Clinics. We have plenty of experience in managing the process of Egg Donation and – at the end of the day – it’s all about a successful pregnancy. It’s about you, not us.