“Not everybody understands your urge for a child. I do. That’s why I am volunteering to help you to have that joy in your life. Life is a gift from God. Embrace it, cherish it, live it!”


“I wish to help you, I can only imagine not being able to have children, its every woman’s and some men’s dream and it’s unfortunate that in some people its slightly harder then others. Hope that you will allow me to help you.”


“If I think back since the day my daughter was born, all bad things in life fade away. She is my life. That small whisper in my ear at bedtime….”I love you Mommy” is all worth it. Every Mommy deserves that sweetness.”


“If I am the one you pick, then I am deeply honoured to be part of your new found joy in life. I wish you all the best of luck. Remain the great person you are, faults and all because that is what makes you special! Having a child is truly a blessing and  I wish you every joy and happiness, and the opportunity to live your life to the fullest!”


“Let’s us raise this generation and build this nation with love and passion. May God be with you. I love you both.”


“I hope that this gift will change your life in the most delightful way! The birth of a child is a true miracle and I am extremely happy that I could be a part of it in some way. Never lose hope and love as much as you can.”


“I hope that you are able to find someone to give you the gift you are looking for. I would be so happy and grateful to help you achieve this.”


“God is with you and will bless you if you have faith in Him. I am here to make a change in your life and I hope you are willing to accept the gift I have for you.”


“I thrive on helping other people and would love to help you realise the dream of having your own family.”